Our field notes

Two American Love Birds On Honeymoon in New Zealand

March 23, 2020

For us, camping and tramping across New Zealand’s North and South Island meant living our best lives and to do it from the comfort of a fully-loaded Land Rover with a diesel engine, a bell tent, and a canoe — well, that was us living our very best lives. After extensive research, there was simply nothing else out there like LandRoamer.


I fell more deeply in love with my soon-to-be husband when he suggested that our honeymoon have nothing to do with starched sheets and room service.

David and I both own our own business in the United States. Vacations are rare, which was why our first commitment to one another was to take off of work for an entire month, get married, and then go make new memories together on the opposite side of the planet.


My husband says it was the ‘freedom factor’ that made him settle on LandRoamer for our honeymoon journey. With LandRoamer, we could experience whatever landscape we wanted whatever way we wanted.

“We can go off the tourist map,” he said. “If we see a body of water we would like to explore, then we find a ramp and drop the canoe into the water.”

If we need to be efficient and make for a quick stop, he said, we will simply pop up our small summit tent in seconds. If we wanted to set up camp and make it a home for a while, then we have all the space we could need in the provided bell tent. Unlike every other tourist on the road, we would not need to end up at a powered campsite each night.

“There are no limits,” he said with a grin. “We can stay anywhere and do anything.”

And that was that. We were sold on the idea that we would glamp when we wanted to glamp and camp when we wanted to camp!

If I had to convince a fellow adventurer — someone like yourself — why it is that you ought to get out there and go as soon as you can, I would share the following notes.

The landscape is unlike anything in the world

If you’re a freedom junky, then you may appreciate that New Zealand has only very recently been settled. Its raw, pure Earth valleys and hills and mountain peaks are unlike anything else that we can experience anywhere.

There are moments of discovery and surprise around every corner.