The Seafarers

Foldable kayaks to get you onto the water. SEE PACKAGE INCLUSIONS

Want to explore the beaches but don’t have the means to transport a conventional kayak?

Our foldable Oru kayaks are one of the world’s easiest collapsible boats to put together, designed to make the outdoors more accessible. Perfect for both beginners and experts, it’s ideal for a casual paddle on calm water, spontaneous day trips, and sharing with friends and family. Built with simplicity in mind, still exceeding high standards of strength and durability.


Each hire kayak comes with a backpack to get you to even the remotest mountain lake or beach. A dry bag to keep your belongings dry as well as a lifejacket to keep you save. The best bit it all packs down to a handy size of only 90 x 90 x 20cm.


If you interested in buying a Oru kayak we offer a try before you buy and will refund the rental cost if you decide you want to own one of those bad boys.


(Please Note: Please make sure you understand the risks of being in a body of water and remember to not use the kayak in waves or choppy waters, including white water. The large open cockpit allows for great comfort and ease of entry, but also makes it easier for larger waves to dump in your lap.)


What’s Included

  • Oru Beach LT Kayak
  • Oru backpack
  • Dry bag
  • Paddle
  • Lifejacket


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